EndodontistWhy and When to Choose an Endodontist Over a Dentist

You visit a dentist whenever you’re experiencing common, but serious dental issues, such as bleeding or receding gums, oral lesions, and severe toothaches. 

But where should you go when you need a root canal, or when you have knocked out or fractured your tooth and it has impacted your pulp and/or roots? 

Most people would visit their general dentist – but your dentist will most likely refer you to an endodontist. 

An endodontist specializes in diagnosing tooth pain and root canal treatment. 

Because everybody cares about the health and beauty of their teeth, it’s good to know the distinction between a dentist and an endodontist, and where to go when looking for the best endodontist in Long Island.

What is an endodontist? 

An endodontist is a dentist who has undergone a few more years of training after dental school. Whereas a dentist completes their training with dental school. During these additional years of training, endodontists specialize in saving teeth, since your diseased tooth can most likely be saved with endodontic treatment. 

Endodontists also learn how to perform routine and complicated root canal procedures as well as endodontic surgery. 

During their additional years of training, they learn other procedures, which generally relate to the interior of the tooth and the treatment of traumatic dental injuries.

All endodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are endodontists. That’s why it’s recommended to visit an endodontist if you have a problem that requires specialized care, such as a traumatic injury. At Long Island Endodontics, our team specializes in several procedures, such as:

With our team of highly respected endodontists and up-to-date technology, we are considered the best endodontist in Long Island.

When to call an endodontist.

Now that you know the procedures performed by endodontists and how they differ from a general dentist, let’s talk about symptoms. 

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s recommended that you call an endodontist to diagnose and treat your condition. Choose the best endodontist in Long Island and contact Long Island Endodontics.

Of course, you can go directly to your dentist, but this is an unnecessary step. It’s highly likely that your dentist will recommend you to a trusted endodontist.

An endodontist is recommended if you experience the following symptoms: 

  • Persisting tooth pain
  • Sudden and unexplained pain in your mouth and/or jaw
  • Teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Swelling at the gums
  • Knocked out, chipped, or fractured tooth
  • Signs of an infection (redness and/or swelling in your mouth, difficulty swallowing, fever)

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait before contacting an endodontist. At the very least, contact your general dentist. The symptoms may not seem like serious problems, but the underlying cause will worsen and may cause severe health issues. 

If you schedule an appointment shortly after experiencing symptoms, you are more likely to save your tooth. Let us help you. Call our endodontist office in Long Island at 516-667-1970.

Why choose an endodontist? 

There are several reasons you should visit an endodontist instead of a general dentist. We’ve already touched on a few of these, like the endodontist’s additional years of training. After dental school, they devote 2-3 years in an advanced endodontics program, where they study how to diagnose tooth pain, diseases of the root, pulp, and how to treat them.

Let us not forget they are dentists with a specialized skillset. 

For example, an endodontist performs so many root canal treatments, they’re sometimes called root canal dentists. On average, an endodontist will perform 25 root canal treatments in a week. Whereas a dentist may do roughly two root canal treatments in a week. 

When you go to someone whose focus is on one specialty, you get better results.

Long Island Endodontics Can Help

Finally, you should visit an endodontist for their cutting-edge technology and equipment you won’t find at a dentist’s office. When you schedule an appointment with Long Island Endodontics, the best endodontist in Long Island, you get to experience our up-to-date equipment that’s designed for a painless procedure, like GentleWave technology. 

Contact our office today at  516-667-1970 to see how we can help you!

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