Root CanalHow Long Island Endodontics is Helping Patients Say Goodbye to Fear and Pain

Walking into an endodontics office may be an awkward experience at first, but with the friendly staff at Long Island Endodontics, you can enjoy a comfortable environment. When you arrive at our office, you will walk in and be greeted by a friendly associate who will get you signed in. Whereas other medical waiting rooms may seem daunting, Long Island Endodontics has an inviting waiting area accompanied with interesting reading material and beautiful interior design. 


Mixed feelings can stumble upon you in the waiting room: anxiety, agitation, fear; but once you are in the hands of our trained endodontics, you can let those negative feelings escape you. Whether it’s a previous bad experience or preconceived notions, Long Island Endodontics is here to change all of that! In our office, you can say goodbye to dental fears and pain in your mouth.


Root Canal Long Island

Patients visit Long Island Endodontics for root canal treatment. Root canals are required when the soft inner tissue, or pulp, of the tooth, becomes inflamed or infected. Long Island Endodontics employs a treatment method that removes germs from the diseased root canal in order to avoid reinfection and save the original tooth. Dr. Craig Berry will disinfect, fill, and seal the space after removing the diseased pulp.


Fortunately, technological advances in diagnostic equipment have simplified the operation and made the extraction of the affected tooth a breeze. In only one session, Dr. Berry will remove the damaged pulp, clean the canals, and fill to help protect the tooth! A root canal at Long Island Endodontics is as simple and painless as a filling.


Diagnosing Root Canal Treatment with Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Long Island Endodontics specializes in Infected Root Canal Treatment and is committed to providing patients with the finest level of care. Dr. Craig Berry and his colleagues are committed to providing high-quality, pain-free treatment in a welcoming and compassionate environment. They can perform Root Canal Treatment faster and better than ever before by employing cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Berry uses 3D radiographic pictures from his CBCT Scans to better diagnose and operate on patients, as opposed to standard x-rays, which only offer flat views of the bone and teeth.


Dr. Berry uses cone beam computed tomography, often known as CBCT, to precisely assess if you actually require root canal treatment. The CBCT Scans provide digital, low-radiation x-rays that provide our staff with precise images of the facial bones and teeth in less than a minute! Dr. Berry can visualize each solitary root canal within a tooth by viewing these 3D radiography pictures from every angle. These high-resolution 3D pictures depict the specific form and branching of each root canal, allowing our experts to pinpoint the exact site of the infection.


New Technology to Improve Root Canals Procedures

If you’re opposed to Dr. Berry’s low-radiation approach and want a traditional root canal, then allow Dr. Berry to use other technological advancements in root canal therapy to make the process easier for you! The advanced instruments that have been implemented in Long Island Endodontics are high-powered surgical microscopes and the wand.


Endodontic treatments that were almost impossible to treat decades ago have now become commonplace thanks to the use of microscopes. These high-powered surgical microscopes give greater magnification and light, allowing Dr. Berry and his staff to improve their root canal specialization and consistently produce outstanding outcomes. Because of improvements in anesthetic injections, it is now simpler to numb the tooth, allowing patients to be pain-free during the root canal treatment. Stop being afraid of the anesthetic shot and start enjoying the new needle, which makes all anesthetic injections more comfortable for the patient and easier to administer.

If you are ready to say goodbye to pain from an Infected Root Canal, then look no further than Long Island Endodontics! To get in touch with Dr. Berry and his incredible team, please call our Woodmere office today by dialing (516) 374-3663. If you are interested in learning more about our practice, please visit our website at We look forward to working with you!

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We are a dental practice specializing in root canal treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing quality, pain-free care in a comfortable and caring setting.

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