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Traumatic dental injuries can be the result of sports mishaps, car accidents or bad falls.

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Time is important in saving teeth. If your tooth or your child’s tooth has been fractured, or especially if the tooth has been knocked out, you need to see a dental professional immediately.

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Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Tooth

If a tooth is completely knocked out, time is of the essence. The tooth should be handled very gently, avoiding touching the root surface itself. If it is dirty, quickly and gently rinse it in water. Do not use soap, and never scrape or brush the tooth. If possible, the tooth should be placed back into the socket in the mouth as soon as possible. The less time the tooth is out of its socket, the better the chance for saving it. Call your endodontist for an appointment right away.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

Most chipped or fractured tooth crowns can be repaired either by reattaching the broken piece or by placing a tooth-colored filling. If a significant portion of the tooth crown is broken off, an artificial crown or “cap” may be needed to restore the tooth. If the pulp is exposed or damaged after a crown fracture, root canal treatment may be needed. These injuries require special attention and it’s important to seek professional help as soon after the injury as possible. Never use topical oral pain medications or ointments, or place aspirin on the affected areas to eliminate pain symptoms.

Apicoectomy Long Island
Apicoectomy Long Island

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