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Say Goodbye to Out-Dated Root Canal Treatment at Long Island Endodontics

Here at Long Island Endodontics we strive to bring you the best care using the most up-to-date technology.

New technologies have changed the way we treat endodontic patients. It’s not your grandfathers root canal! Our patient-friendly, pain-free techniques are more efficient and effective than ever before.

GentleWave® Procedure

The technology in the GentleWave® Procedure provides a better cleaning, less-invasive alternative to standard root canal treatment. The advanced technology of the GentleWave Procedure uses multiple wavelengths of sound to gently deliver disinfecting fluids throughout the entire root canal system, even reaching into and cleaning the microscopic spaces where bacteria can hide—to provide less chance of failure over time.

How is GentleWave different from standard root canal treatment?

The GentleWave Procedure offers the following advantages over standard root canal treatment:

  • A minimally invasive protocol
  • Procedure fluids reach throughout the entire root canal system
  • Effectively removes bacteria, debris and infected tissue
  • Preserves the structure and integrity of the natural tooth
  • Can typically be completed in just one appointment
Apicoectomy Long Island
Apicoectomy Long Island


Endodontic procedures that were nearly impossible to treat have become routine with the use of microscopes, which provides higher levels of magnification and illumination. The use of microscopes in endodontics has dramatically improved the specialty allowing for consistently excellent results.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a 3D imaging system used in treatment planning and diagnosis. The scan only takes a minute and balances excellent image quality with low radiation dosage for the patient.

Digital X-rays

We use the latest in digital x-ray technology which provides minimal radiation exposure to our patients.

The Wand

No need to fear the “shot” with this patented needle which enables all anesthetic injections to be more comfortable for the patient and easier to perform.

Apicoectomy Long Island
Apicoectomy Long Island

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