Root CanalWhat Can You Do to Prevent a Root Canal in Long Island from Developing?

Root canals are necessary when the nerve below the tooth becomes infected, and you are experiencing tooth decay.

Every day, endodontists perform 45 thousand root canals, and 45% of all patients have at least one.

You can avoid root canals by following some simple steps that improve the health of your teeth. Here are the different ways you can decrease the odds of needing a root canal in the future.


One of the most significant factors for decreasing root canals is to brush your teeth at least two times per day. Brushing reduces the buildup of plaque, germs, and food particles that cause your teeth and the roots to become infected.

However, it is easy to forget to brush twice daily, as we become caught up in our lives. The best approach is to set a schedule where you will brush your teeth at certain times of the day. Doing this improves your oral health and reduces the need for a root canal in Long Island.

We recommend regular brushing to prevent any issues from becoming worse with your dental health.

Long Island Endodontics is the best place for having a root canal using the latest technology. We understand how these situations develop and can help solve the root canal infection. After the procedure, we recommend regular brushing to protect your teeth and prevent any further damage.


Flossing is essential in protecting your teeth and preventing bacteria from developing in between the teeth. Brushing helps to clean your teeth but can only cover specific areas of your mouth. The cracks and in between your teeth will see food particles remain. These spots can become infected and start to infect your tooth, root, and gum line.

We recommend flossing at least once per day to get the maximum amount of protection for your teeth. The best approach is to set a schedule to floss consistently (such as before going to bed) to ensure you get everything. Flossing is simple and can make a big difference in improving your dental health.

Long Island Endodontics is the root canal expert, and we can help you eliminate these problems. We use sedation dentistry to reduce your pain and effectively treat the infected areas.

Stay Away from Sugary Acidic Drinks

We all become accustomed to drinking sodas and flavored juices every day in our culture. We are constantly shown images of a sweet and tasty drink with a catchy phrase such as “Have a Coke and a smile.”

The challenge is that these beverages are filled with sugar and acid that damages your teeth. These substances break down the tooth’s enamel and push deep below the gums to the root. The bacterium goes down into the root and causes an infection. Your teeth start rotting away by consistently drinking sodas and acidic fruit drinks.

We recommend staying away from these drinks to improve your oral health and prevent further damage to your teeth.

Long Island Endodontics can help you restore your oral health and deal with root canals. We have decades of experience and are the best endodontist in Long Island that gets results.

Get Regular Checkups and Cleanings

One of the best ways to prevent a root canal in Long Island is regular checkups and cleanings. Any cavities, cracked teeth, and other issues can be caught early and prevent the need for a root canal later.

We recommend having checkups and cleanings at least two times per year to prevent any issues from becoming worse.

Long Island Endodontics gives you the best service to deal with your root canals and prevent things from spiraling out of control.

Get Help Immediately if You are in Pain

Anytime you experience pain (such as a toothache), you assume it will go away without any help. These views are a mistake, as the pain can signify an infection developing in the gums and root.

The best approach is to seek help immediately and get your teeth examined to prevent things from worsening.

Long Island Endodontics can schedule an appointment right away to ensure you are not having root canal issues.

Call Us for Help Right Away

These are some things you can do to decrease the chances of needing a root canal in the future. Call Long Island Endodontics today at 561-667-1447 and see how we can help you avoid an unnecessary root canal.

We have free parking and are on Franklin Place, within walking distance from the Long Island Railroad. The sooner you act, the faster you can prevent things from becoming worse with your teeth. 

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