EndodontistInfected Tooth3 Reasons to Schedule an Endodontist Appointment

Scheduling a dentist appointment every few months is essential, but it is not enough. Sometimes, you may need expert services for your teeth and gums by an endodontist. However, it can be difficult to know when expert advice and services are needed. 

Besides the foremost reason of your dentist suggesting you see an endodontist, you can also schedule an appointment with an endodontist for the following reasons:

You are Experiencing Persistent Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is a common symptom to schedule a dentist visit. However, persistent pain even after the dentist visit can signal a deeper issue. It might mean that the tooth didn’t have a problem on the surface alone and that the infection runs deep into the roots of the teeth or in the gums. 

While dentists do their best to make your teeth look and perform their best, they might miss out on the problems running deep into your gums or the roots of the teeth, especially if there’s no apparent damage. 

Since endodontists are experts at dealing with roots and gums, it would benefit you to visit an endodontist. Endodontists can take a thorough look into the roots of your teeth and diagnose the problem before fixing it. 

Your aching tooth might require a root canal, or it might be the gums causing the persistent tooth pain. In both cases, an endodontist will be better equipped to treat the problem with your dental health

You Need a Root Canal

While general dentists can perform root canals, endodontists are specialized in the field. They study roots and gums for an additional period of two years and hence are better able to diagnose and judge if your tooth can be saved or not. Moreover, they can also remove any infection that might have spread to the gums. 

Endodontists are also able to perform the procedure of root canal with greater precision and care. With their advanced knowledge of the roots of teeth, they may be able to save a tooth that dentists declare difficult to save. Their precision allows them to remove all the infections or cavities while saving all the tooth structures.  

Their advanced techniques can also help the patients greatly as endodontists can work with techniques that cause minimal pain. Since tooth pain from dental procedures is a major reason people do not visit dentists, going to a specialized service provider like an endodontist can help get rid of any dental health issues before they get worse. 

You Have Suffered an Injury

Visiting an endodontist is an essential part of recovery if you have suffered from an accident. If the accident caused you to fall on your face or affected your face in some other way, there’s a high chance it would have affected your dental health as well. However, the impact of accidents on dental health may remain a mystery since you might be unable to feel that impact. 

It can be very easy to miss an issue with your teeth or jaw right after experiencing an injury or accident. You might be taking painkillers for injuries experienced in other parts of the body. 

As general pain killers affect all parts of the body, your tooth pain might be diminished by them for as long as you continue to take them. Long-term use of pain killers without getting a checkup for dental health can worsen the situation in your mouth. 

Moreover, taking soft foods after accidents and injuries is also common for many patients. While it’s easier to gulp and digest, soft food doesn’t allow the patients to use their mouth much or feel any tooth pain.

However, once the recovery begins and you begin shifting to a normal diet, you may realize that your mouth was also impacted by the accident as you begin to feel the pain. 

Hence, it’s important to visit an endodontist as soon as you can manage if you have been in an accident that impacted your face in any way. A broken nose and a broken jaw can especially impact your teeth and gums. 

An Endodontist will be able to see if the roots of your teeth are in place and if the gums are intact. You will be diagnosed and treated before the problem turns severe. 


Besides these reasons, you can also visit an endodontist if you need expert advice on an infected tooth. For an infected tooth in  Long Island, you can visit Long Island Endodontics. We specialize in providing pain-free root canal treatments and other treatments for infected roots and gums. 

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