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When your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, you no longer have to dread this procedure. Modern technology has made it easier and less painful to treat deep decay, damaged pulp, or any other complication that results in the need for a root canal. In some cases, the procedure can be done in minutes. At Long Island Endodontics, we use the GentleWave® Procedure, which provides a better cleaning, less-invasive alternative to standard root canal treatment. There is no doubt that when you visit us, you are choosing the best endodontist in Long Island. 

You know what has caused the need for such a procedure, but do you know how to prepare for it? In this article, we will explain all that is necessary to ensure your root canal treatment is a success.

Don’t Drink or Smoke 

Patients should cease drinking and smoking at least 24 hours before their procedure. There are numerous health risks associated with alcohol and tobacco and it can have an adverse reaction with the local anesthetic that will be injected into your gums.

Eat a Balanced Diet 

Nutrition is important to your overall health, which includes your oral health. Additionally, eating healthy can strengthen your immune system, which may lead to faster recovery and reduce endodontic retreatment. You will need retreatment if the tooth has failed to heal or has developed new problems, which is less likely with a proper diet. 

While we are on the topic of food, we also recommend eating a small meal before your procedure unless your dentist tells you otherwise. The reason for this is the anesthesia will make your mouth feel extremely numb for several hours, making it difficult to eat. Nobody wants to begin their recovery process on an empty stomach.

Prepare Ice Packs 

In general, recovery only lasts a few days, but you want to make each day as comfortable as you possibly can. Therefore, we recommend freezing ice packs before your root canal procedure so they will be ready when you need them. The anesthesia will wear off after a few hours and the coldness of the ice pack can help relieve some of the tenderness in the jaws and gum you will experience after the procedure 

Talk to Your Dentist About Pain Killers 

If ice packs aren’t enough and you need something stronger once the anesthesia wears off, talk to your dentist about over-the-counter pain medication. In general, dentists will recommend that you take ibuprofen or Tylenol a few hours before your procedure. This will ease the pain and reduce swelling that occurs from the root canal. You may also experience some symptoms and side effects caused by the procedure, so ask your dentist if it’s okay to take OTC medications to relieve pain during your short recovery. It’s important to note that you should only take these medications if your dentist says that it’s okay to do so.

Get Eight Hours of Sleep 

Good sleep is equally as important as food. Good sleep is designed to restore and strengthen your body, which you will need for any type of procedure. Good sleep isn’t just important before your root canal, but after, too. Sleep can help repair the body, which aids in faster recovery.

Ask Questions 

Your dentist at Long Island Endodontics will inform you on what to expect regarding the procedure. They will provide valuable instructions for aftercare, such as what foods to avoid to prevent complications from developing. Nevertheless, this is a unique situation, so if you have questions or apprehensions, make sure to address them with your dentist. It is their job to make sure you understand what is to come and that you are completely comfortable with the root canal procedure. So, never be afraid to ask questions for fear of being a “bother” or “inconveniencing” the dentist. 

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Our team is passionate about the diagnosis and treatment of problems involving the nerves of our patient’s teeth. Our professional staff has experience in both surgical and non-surgical therapy to treat a wide range of procedures, from routine to complex. When you need a root canal, choose the best endodontist in Long Island. Contact Long Island Endodontics or call 516-667-1970 to schedule an appointment.

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