Infected Root Canal Treatmen5 Signs That Show You Have A Root Canal Infection

When you feel bacteria attacking your teeth and causing you pain, you go for a root canal. It’s a common teeth health procedure that doesn’t pose high threats. However, root canals become challenging if your dentist forgets to treat every part of the inner chamber of your teeth. 

If you’re planning to get a root canal or did get one and now experience pain because of that, this guide is especially for you! Once you know the symptoms of root canal infection, you can look for its treatment right away. Better yet, understanding the causes helps you take effective preventive actions to avoid these infections altogether! 

What Can Cause A Root Canal Infection? 5 Symptoms 

Read on to discover the common and some of the rare but still possible signs of root canal infection

  • Swelling Of Your Gums

Once you undergo a root canal, your gums do swell. However, if it feels like they’re swelling more than usual, that’s worrisome. An over swelling or tenderness of your gums, when you put pressure on them, is one of the signs of root canal infection. Is your swelling still present for an extended period with a pimple forming on the gum? Then you should consult a dentist right away. 

  • Intense Tooth Pain 

Infected root canals are the reason because the constant throbbing of your tooth. Is your treated tooth giving you severe aches that almost make you cry in agony? The continuous and intense discomfort after your root canal is a significant sign of root canal infection. 

Instead of worrying yourself sick, you must first identify if the pain is coming from the tooth that went through the root canal. In rare cases, you might think your treated tooth is hurting. In reality, the pain might be in other teeth due to fractures, decays, or infections. 

  • Bad Breath 

If you have a bad breath after your root canal, you may have a root canal infection. The bacteria that settle in the untreated areas of your teeth cause foul odors, leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.  

You can try brushing your teeth, using a mouth wash, or flossing to disinfect the tooth. However, if your breath still stinks, then there are high chances that you need to visit a dentist soon. The sooner you can treat the infected root canal, the quicker you can treat your bad breath. If you ignore the unpleasant odor of your breath, it may lead to other even more painful complications like pus. 

  • Discoloration Of Your Tooth 

Another sign of an infected root canal is tooth darkening. Your tooth darkens because of the irregular blood flow- a consequence of the root canal gone wrong. Do you see your tooth turning yellow and then dark brown and even darker at an alarming speed? That’s a sign that you must book for its treatment as soon as possible.

  • Sensitivity To Hot And Cold Food  

Do your gums or the treated tooth feels sensitive as you sip along to cold or hot food or liquids? That’s a big red alert that you may be suffering from a root canal infection. 

The root canal infection makes your tooth and the surrounding part of your gums hyper-sensitive to temperature changes. That’s why you feel discomfort and a flinching pian if you eat or drink anything hot or cold. 

How And Where To Receive Treatment For Your Root Canal Infection? 

If you’re experiencing some of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to book your infected root canal treatment. Chances are, you’ll need another root canal. If your symptoms are severe, then an apicoectomy might work better. 

Are you a resident of Florida and looking for infected root canal treatment? Long Island offers an exceptional solution. 

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Get your infected root canal treatment today. The experts at Long Islands Endodontists await to offer you the best care!

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