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You may only be familiar with the dentist, but there are other kinds of teeth doctors out there, such as the endodontist. If you have never heard of an endodontist before, consider yourself lucky. But, if your dentist recommends you see one, you may be looking to learn more about what they do. 


For starters, every office is different. Here at Long Island Endodontics, we specialize in all kinds of tooth-related services ranging from severe to minor. We offer root canal therapy, traumatic injuries, endodontic retreatment, and apicoectomy. To get a more in-depth idea of what your local endodontist in Long Island does, keep reading.


Root Canal Therapy

Root canals do not happen often, but when they do, you know it. This type of tooth infection is not your typical toothache or cavity. Root canals occur when your tooth becomes inflamed and infected. While a tooth inflammation and infection can be a sign of other problems, a root canal takes it to the next level. When the tooth gets to this extent, the only solution is a root canal. During root canal therapy, our endodontist will go in and remove the part of the pulp in the tooth that is damaged. Removing this pulp will protect the tooth from further decay and damage. It also will ensure that any pain you are experiencing as a result of the infection is gone. If you have never had a root canal before, count yourself lucky. 


Traumatic Injury Treatment

When you think about injuries, you probably don’t first consider tooth and oral related injuries. However, they do exist and happen quite a bit. Some examples of how people get tooth injuries are from participating in sports and car accidents. But they can occur in several ways, with some people even getting them from accidents such as falls or being hit in the face. Whether the tooth is fractured or on the cusp of falling out, an endodontist in Long Island can work its magic. Depending on how damaged or broken the tooth is will depend on what kind of treatment plan we take. The critical thing to remember is to go to the endodontist before doing anything else. The quicker we can address the problem, the more likely we can save the tooth in question.


Endodontic Retreatment

Sometimes after a root canal, some pain and swelling remain. But, if it’s continuous, you may need endodontic retreatment. It’s not often when root canals don’t fix the problem at hand, but it does happen. Sometimes you may be fine after the root canal but experience pain and other symptoms months or even years later. The tooth may have developed a new problem or may not have properly healed.  When this happens, be sure to schedule an appointment for retreatment. The sooner you can come in, the more likely we will be able to treat the tooth.



If a root canal isn’t efficient to get rid of the problem on its own, you may need to undergo apicoectomy. This surgical procedure takes the root canal therapy practices but opens up the gum tissue near the tooth and bone. When they open up the gum tissue, they usually take out the infected and inflamed area. It’s this area that causes your pain and any discomfort from swelling. Once this is done, our endodontist may put in a filling and stitch up the area to ensure everything heals the way it’s supposed to. The root canal therapy may not have done the trick, but this procedure should be able to get the job done. Our team will go over aftercare treatment and how to proceed afterward.


Contact the Experts at Long Island Endodontics Today!

If your dentist recommended you to go to an endodontist, you probably need one of the above procedures done. But, don’t worry, here at Long Island Endodontics, you’re in good hands. Your local endodontist in Long Island will fix your problem in no time. To schedule your appointment, reach out to our team today at (516) 670-1596

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