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Anytime you are having dental work performed, it is always scary from the images of the drills, pain, and other tools. These fears are common; with 36% of the population mildly afraid of it and 12% have extreme worries. The concerns are so prevalent that psychologists refer to it as DSM-IV or a constant fear of any type of dentist. An endodontist raises these worries with them performing specialty procedures such as root canals. The reality is that infected root canal treatment in Long Island is safe, and your fears are unfounded. Studies show that 15 million are performed every year across the country, and it is one of the safest procedures out there with 97% success rates. Preparing for it requires following some valuable tips that help things go smoothly for you. 


When scheduling your root canal with the endodontist in Long Island, it is critical to talk about medication such as painkillers. You want to have them prescribed early so you can pick them up and don’t have to worry about it before or after the procedure. Talking about and planning for the root canal are things to make it go effortlessly. You don’t want to wait and need your medication afterward when your body is trying to recover. 

Antibiotics are another medication you want to pick up before the procedure and have an ample supply of it. Your body will need it to fight off any infections early and alleviate the pain in the areas where they occurred. Simple planning a few days before the procedure in these areas is the keys to successfully improving your recovery time and reducing pain. Don’t wait until the day of the root canal to get it done; think ahead, you will be glad you did. 


Before having a root canal in Long Island treated, you need to ensure that you are eating a balanced and nutritious diet. Your body will need all of the vitamins and minerals to give it the maximum strength the day of and after the procedure. It helps your recovery go smoother, and you don’t have to worry about not doing enough. Studies show that a healthy diet is a key to strengthening the gums and teeth. 

Avoid things foods that are fatty, sugary, and high in sodium at least a few days before your root canal. 


Despite the worries of going to the endodontist in Long Island, you need to relax and get a good night’s sleep before the procedure. Your body needs to be rested and strong, so the immune system can help it to recover quickly. Relaxing before it reduces the tension and builds confidence the day of your root canal

The Frozen Ice Supply

Several days before treating your infected root canal in Long Island, it is advisable to freeze as much ice as possible. After the procedure, you will need it, as the gums and mouth are numb, and there is the possibility of swelling. The ice is placed on the infected area to keep it down and reduce any residual pain while you are recovering. A study by the National Institute of Health found that using ice is one of the keys to easing the pain and bulging of the infected areas. A strategy where you have more than enough ice is the key to being ready for anything. You want to take the attitude of hoping for the best, but you planned for the worst. Ice is one of those things you can do to make your recovery smoother and less painful. 

Ask Questions

When you are scheduling your root canal in Long Island, ask the endodontist questions. They are healthcare professionals who are happy to answer them and address your concerns. Their job is to educate you and let you know that everything will be alright. 

We Can Help!

These tips help you to smoothly treat and recover from your root canal in Long Island with no issues. Call Long Island Endodontics at 516-667-1970 to learn more about how our endodontist can help you!

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