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Teeth cleanings may be stressful, but they usually are bearable. And the same goes for cavities. But when it comes to root canals, many of us freak out and get nervous. Part of this nervousness and anxiety comes from not knowing much about root canals. Think about it; the majority of people are aware of what teeth cleaning entails. And we would say almost as many people know about cavities and the filling experience. 


Even if you have never had a tooth cavity before, you know someone who has. But we cannot all say the same for root canals; until now. Here at Long Island Endodontics, we have all the information you need about root canals. Before you schedule your appointment with an endodontist in Long Island, ease your nerves with our guide. You may be surprised to find that the more you know, the more comfortable you feel.


What is a Root Canal?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding root canals and what the procedure entails. Everyone assumes it’s a horrible and lengthy process. However, the root canal procedure isn’t all that bad. And once broken down, it makes a lot more sense. 

Basically, when a tooth gets infected, pulp builds up inside of it. Eventually, the pulp builds up and inflames the tooth, so a root canal is needed to remove all of it. Your endodontist in Long Island will remove all of the pulp and clean up the tooth and root. After everything is is cleaned, your endodontist places a crown over the tooth to protect it. Essentially, endo means inside, so in this case, inside of the tooth.


What Are the Signs That You Need a Root Canal?

Your local endodontist in Long Island will have to check out your teeth before you jump into a root canal. However, there are some signs you can keep an eye out for. These signs and symptoms do not mean you need a root canal, but they could point to one being in your future. 


Some signs you can feel are sensitivity to the heat and cold, swelling around the gums, intense pain, and tender gums. Some of the symptoms you can see are darkening gums, chipped or cracked teeth, and pimple-looking bumps on the gums. 


Your dentist will also let you know if they notice any jawbone holes in your x-ray, otherwise known as an abscess. If you haven’t been to the dentist yet, but have had these symptoms, it doesn’t hurt to get your teeth checked. You can even go straight to Long Island Endodontist if you want to get our expert opinion.


Why Should Someone Get a Root Canal?

Just like cavities, not everyone needs to get a root canal. Because not everyone’s teeth will get infected and inflamed, but if you find that your dentist is suggesting one, it may be time to consider it. You can even come to Long Island Endodontics and meet with our Long Island endodontist to discuss the procedure more. 


While a dentist has a good eye for teeth infections, it’s always good to consult with an endodontist before getting the treatment. You want to make sure this is something you can benefit from getting. If you do need one, we recommend you go ahead and get the treatment. The longer you hold off, the more pain you will feel around the root canal, the more worn down the bone will get, and the more your chance of needing a tooth extraction increases. All in all, your oral health will benefit if you bite the bullet and get the root canal sooner rather than later.


Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Sometimes, the more information we know on a topic, the better we feel. And the same goes for root canals. This anxiety-inducing topic freaks out many people. But, once the procedure gets broken down, it doesn’t sound much worse than a cavity filling. And when it comes down to it, if you need the treatment, it’s always best to get it done. Not only will your teeth and gums thank you, but your oral health as a whole will benefit. To schedule your consultation with our endodontist in Long Island, reach out to our team at Long Island Endodontics at (516) 670-1507 or contact us here (https://www.liendodontics.com/contact-us/).

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