Infected ToothKnow What’s Causing Your Toothache? - 5 Reasons

Tooth pain is the number one complaint of people visiting the dentist each year. In fact, over 100 million Americans suffer from some sort of dental discomfort that drives them to visit the dentist. Here are some of the most common causes of toothache pain as well as what to do about it.

1. Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavities are holes that develop in tooth enamel because of decay. Over time, bacteria can form on teeth when we eat and drink. This bacteria eats away at the enamel, digging further into tooth structures and eventually reaching soft tissues that are filled with sensitive nerve endings. Your dentist can clean out the decay and fill in holes to protect your teeth from further damage.

2. Tooth Nerve Infection

A tooth nerve infection develops when bacteria and food debris make their way into soft tissues in the mouth, causing a full-blown infection. This infection causes the nerve tissue to flare up, sending signals of pain through the mouth, jaw, and even into the neck and head. An infection such as this needs prompt attention to prevent it from spreading deeper into the body and causing systemic damage to all types of tissues. Your dentist will likely perform a root canal or some other sort of restoration procedure to clear out infection and provide you with protection against further damage.

3. Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection is a painful condition that affects nerves and tissues inside the root canals of your teeth. This type of infection occurs because of excessive exposure to bacteria or toxins in the mouth, poor oral hygiene, or even dental trauma. A dentist will need to remove infected tissues and fortify the area with a protective sealant to reduce inflammation and protect your teeth and gums from ongoing infection.

4. Teeth Grinding or Bruxism

Teeth grinding or bruxism is an unconscious grinding of tooth surfaces, causing enamel and other tooth surfaces to wear down. Bruxism causes a great deal of damage if not addressed, such as loss of enamel, damage to soft tissues, and even weakening of the jawbone over time. Wearing a simple device to prevent tooth surfaces from touching and practicing relaxation and stretching exercises of the neck, head, and jaw will minimize tooth grinding and improve dental health.

5. Receding Gums

Periodontal disease is a disease of the soft tissues of the mouth. In advanced stages of periodontal disease, the gums begin to recede from the bottoms of teeth, causing holes and pockets where bacteria can wreak havoc on teeth. These sensitive exposed tooth roots and nerves are now hypersensitive to heat, cold, and even liquids, which may cause your teeth to hurt. Taking proactive measures to care for your teeth and gums will reduce the likelihood of periodontal disease development and preserve dental health.

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