Infected ToothHow to Tell if Your Tooth is Infected?

Are you dealing with a crippling toothache? Perhaps you’ve even noticed that you have swollen gums. Most people ignore any problem with their teeth until the pain is unbearable. After all, nobody likes a visit to the dentist. However, it’s critical to know the signs of an infected tooth for you to act early. A tiny infection could lead to worse complications if you don’t attend to it on time. Detailed below are some ways to tell if you have an infected tooth.


Swollen Lymph Nodes

When dealing with an infected tooth, you may notice swollen lymph nodes below your chin. The nodes on the neck and jaw may also swell depending on the location of the affected tooth. This can happen with both erupted and impacted teeth. Do you suspect you need an expert’s help with an infected tooth in New York? Look no further than Long Island Endodontics for quality dental procedures.


Your Body May Heat Up

When your immune system is under attack, fevers become inevitable. Your body raises your temperature to fight the threat. Although it’s uncomfortable, this helps alert you about what’s happening. Fevers resulting from an infected tooth often mean the infection has started spreading.


Change in Tooth Color

Many people don’t know their teeth are alive. Once a tooth is dying, discoloration begins to happen. Most people realize they are dealing with an infected tooth because of the color change. Damage to the nerves in the pulp will stop blood from flowing to the tooth. This may result in an infection, and the nerve may end up dying.


Pain Affecting Your Ears

When your upper molar gets infected, the bacteria might cause damage to nerves close to your ear. Because of the resulting pain, many patients often think their ears have the issue.


Tooth Sensitivity

Another indicator that you’re dealing with an infected tooth is tooth sensitivity. If you notice that you have a challenge taking cold or hot foods and drinks, you may need to see an endodontist.


Repulsive Breath

Bad breath is usually a sign of neglected oral hygiene and may often point to an infected tooth. If you don’t floss or brush regularly, you’ll soon have a buildup of plaque. And bacteria enjoy feeding on this. The byproduct left behind is acid, which leads to decay and corrosion of your enamel. Once a cavity enters the tooth’s main body, it can cause an infection. If you don’t do anything about the abscess, you may notice pus oozing between your teeth and your gum line. This may cause your breath to smell if you don’t brush or use mouthwash.


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