Root CanalHow Long Island Endodontics is Making Root Canal Treatment More Comfortable

Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal treatment, is a procedure that eliminates the bacteria from the infected root canal in order to prevent reinfection and save the natural tooth. Root canal treatment is necessary when the soft inner tissue, or pulp, of the tooth, becomes inflamed or infected.  In this procedure, the inflamed or infected pulp must be removed while keeping the inside of the tooth clean. Once the infected pulp is removed, Dr. Craig Berry will disinfect, fill, and then seal the gap to preserve the tooth. Fortunately, Dr. Craig Berry and his expert team at Long Island Endodontics have the latest endodontic technology to make your root canal procedure easier than ever before! 


There are numerous reasons why patients may require root canal treatment. The natural tooth can become infected for many reasons, including

  • Result of deep decay
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth
  • A blow to the tooth
  • And more!


When one of these situations occurs, many people may be afraid to seek treatment, as they assume there will be some long-drawn-out painful experience. Fortunately, the technological advancements in the diagnostic tools make the procedure less complicated and make the extraction of the infected tooth a breeze. Dr. Berry will remove the damaged pulp, clean the tooth’s canals, and fill to help preserve the tooth in only one appointment! At Long Island Endodontics, getting a root canal is as easy and painless as getting a filling.


Diagnosing Root Canal Treatment with Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Long Island Endodontics specializes in Infected Root Canal Treatment by providing patients with the highest standard of service. Dr. Craig Berry and his team are dedicated to providing quality, pain-free care in a comfortable and caring setting. By utilizing the latest technology, they can provide Root Canal Treatment faster and better than ever before. Compared to traditional x-rays, which only provide flat views of the bone and teeth, Dr. Berry gets 3D radiographic images from his CBCT Scans to better diagnose and operate on patients.


Dr. Berry diagnoses root canal treatment with cone-beam computed tomography, also known as CBCT, to accurately diagnose whether you truly need a root canal procedure. The CBCT Scans take digital, low-radiation x-rays, giving our team detailed views of the facial skeleton and teeth in less than a minute! These 3D radiographic images can be viewed from every angle, which allows Dr. Berry to visualize each individual root canal within a tooth. 


High-Tech Magnification Technology to Improve Root Canals Procedures

If you’re opposed to Dr. Berry’s low-radiation approach and want a more traditional root canal, then we can use other technological advancements in root canal therapy to make the process easier for you! The advanced instruments that have been implemented in Long Island Endodontics are high-powered surgical microscopes and surgical loupes. Previously, endodontic procedures that were nearly impossible to treat have become routine with the use of microscopes. These high-powered surgical microscopes provide higher levels of magnification and illumination, which have allowed Dr. Berry and his team to improve their specialty in root canals to consistently deliver excellent results. Many of these infected canals are too small to be seen by the naked eye. However, the high-powered surgical microscopes and surgical loupes allow Dr. Berry to remove the damaged pulp, clean the tooth’s canals, and fill to help preserve the tooth.


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If you’re against the use of anesthetic injections, talk to Dr. Berry about other sedation options so your root canal treatment may go more smoothly! If you’re interested in getting your Infected Root Canal treated, call Long Island Endodontics today by dialing (516) 667-1471. We look forward to helping you!

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