ApicoectomyHere's What You Should Know About Apicoectomies

The regression of a tooth usually starts with a cavity and ends in a root canal. After the root canal procedure, most people find the relief they are after and can enjoy a pain-free smile. 


Unfortunately, sometimes the pain starts to creep up again and on the same tooth. 


When this happens, your doctor may recommend a different procedure, an apicoectomy. 


Despite the name sounding intimidating, apicoectomy procedures are nothing to worry about. 


To put it simply, when you get an apicoectomy in Long Island, you are having the tip of the root of your tooth shaved down.


By shaving down the very tip of the root, your endodontist can stop an infection in its tracks and save the tooth. The usual procedure after a root canal results in persisting pain is root canal therapy. 


However, some teeth cannot get saved by having another root canal. Thus, an apicoectomy is a remaining option. 

Patients can also opt to have their tooth pulled, but we recommend against this unless necessary. 


The reason is that when there is a gap in the teeth, other oral health issues can occur. Even one missing tooth can present many problems for the patient.

Who Should Get an Apicoectomy?

Most people who get recommended for an apicoectomy in Long Island have already had a root canal. A root canal is very efficient for removing infected pulp and tissue from the tooth. 


However, some people find that the tooth gets reinfected months or years later. The endodontist might recommend root canal therapy to address this infection. But, more often do patients get told to get an apicoectomy. 


The apicoectomy includes shaving down the root and can sometimes be more effective than doing another root canal. Although, it all depends on your unique situation. Every patient is different.

The Apicoectomy Process

The first step towards getting an apicoectomy in Long Island is scheduling an initial consultation appointment. The goal of this appointment is to have the endodontist take a better look at your teeth. 


Before jumping into an apicoectomy, our team wants to make sure you need one. Once we establish that your root and tooth can benefit from apicoectomy, we can schedule your procedure.


On the day of the procedure, you will get local anesthesia. We do this to ensure you are comfortable, feel no pain, and our endodontist can wrap up the surgery quickly. Once under, an incision is made in the gum to reveal the infected root tissue. The endodontist can get a better look at everything and get started removing the infection. 


Then, the very tip of the root gets shaved down then sealed. 


Once all of this gets done, we wrap the procedure up by stitching up the incision. The stitches are a mild inconvenience at first, but they are there to protect your tooth and gums.


Recovery After an Apicoectomy

After the procedure, you can expect a quick and easy recovery. For the remainder of the day post-procedure, it may be in your best interest to take it easy. Even if you have minimal pain, you might feel drowsy from the anesthesia.


However, the following day you should be able to proceed like usual. The only thing you might notice is some pain and swelling. 


Our endodontist at Long Island Endodontics will inform you on how to care for your tooth while in recovery. Everything from how to brush your teeth to what not to eat will be covered before you go home. And if you have any additional questions, our office is only a phone call away.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Dealing with tooth pain is by far one of the worst types of pain. Not only does it become a distraction throughout the day, but it makes it difficult to do everyday tasks. 


Between pain when eating and brushing your teeth, Long Island Endodontist https://www.liendodontics.com knows how difficult tooth pain is. When the source of the pain happens after a root canal, it becomes that much more frustrating. However, you don’t need to live with the pain. 

With an apicoectomy in Long Island, you can find pain relief. First, schedule an initial appointment with our endodontist by calling (516) 667-1471.

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