Endodontic TreatmentGentleWave Procedure: An Alternative to Standard Root Canal Treatment

Many people dread going to the dentist but for the majority of us, it can’t be avoided. Often people who don’t brush or floss regularly may find themselves having issues that go undetected at first. While the problem may be easy to ignore at first, it’s like everything that’s functional. As time passes, increasing pain results and will cost more to cure. The good news is that an endodontist in Woodmere has a solution that reduces pain and possible time spent in the chair. Even better, the procedure has little to no recovery time.

New Technology Reduces Discomfort for Dental Patients

Getting into the dentist’s chair is a challenge for many kids and adults but going without can lead to painful results. Not to mention the items not covered by insurance and the time spent performing a series of needed procedures. For some, this pain adds to the discomfort of dealing with root canal problems.

The GentleWave procedure is an innovative technology that treats teeth using a proactive approach. Instead of just digging out debris and other matter from the root’s surface, soundwaves are used to distribute disinfecting fluids. The force used is strong enough to get into deep crevices not easily seen.

A Treatment System That Reduces Oral Infection

One reason why some root canal treatments take more than one visit is the time used to dig deep enough. Oftentimes, endodontists and other dental practitioners want to see as many patients as possible, so they do what they can in a short visit. Often, this is an inconvenience for most busy adults.

This system was designed not only for comfort but to save time and treat the problem in less time. For most patients, a root canal using the GentleWave procedure be done in as little as one visit. By using disinfecting fluids to treat the area, there’s less chance of having an infection and the tooth’s natural structure remains intact.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Puns aside, we have a number of resources to alleviate the stress that comes with dental visits. As oral surgery entails precision, it’s important to us that you feel comfortable. Our dental staff offers low-radiation x-rays as well as accommodations that help you have a relaxing visit.

While the recent pandemic may have caused you to miss a dental appointment or two, this is a great time to take advantage of this innovative technology. Not only will you say goodbye to pain and discomfort but an endodontist in Woodmere also treats other serious dental matters. We also offer sleep dentistry for those who need a little extra to feel at ease.

Poor oral health is a serious matter that requires maintenance by a licensed professional. If you’re living with tooth pain and in need of pain-free dentistry, contact Long Island Endodontics today. Our staff is more than happy to address your dental symptoms and go back to smiling.

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