Root CanalEverything You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

September 15, 2022by Long Island Endodontist

No one would want to miss eating that prime rib or comfort food they love. However, our teeth are not only for show. They are meant to chew and break down food to process it. Unfortunately, teeth need some help eventually. Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that treats a tooth nerve infection within the tooth’s pulp by removing the infected tissue from your tooth. Find out everything you need to know about root canal treatment.

1. How Do You Know If You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The symptoms of toothache, such as swelling and sensitivity to hot or cold, are some indications of possible problems. Even though these symptoms do not always point to a tooth nerve infection, it is always better to get it checked out. Your dentist can determine whether root canal treatment is needed or if dental restoration is sufficient.

2. What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

Your dentist will need to numb your tooth first before the procedure starts. A numbing solution is used, or you can choose to use a local anesthetic. After the tooth is numbed, it will be cleaned using a small brush to remove any debris or food stuck in the area. Then your dentist will remove the diseased pulp from your tooth. They will then clean the infected pulp and seal the tooth. Long Island Endodontics offers the best root canal therapy in Woodmere.

3. Are There Alternatives to Root Canals?

Depending on the needs and the extent of the condition, you may be able to avoid a root canal procedure. There are some alternative measures that you can explore with your root canal pain relief dentist.

Extraction and bridge denture is one such option. This procedure involves removing the tooth and replacing it with something else, such as a bridge. The bridge anchors the new tooth to the other teeth and can last several years.

Tooth extraction and implantation might be another option to consider. This procedure involves removing the infected tooth and replacing it with either an implant or a dental crown. An implant is a subset of an artificial tooth root that attaches to the jawbone. After connecting to the bone, it will eventually mold into a permanent fixture. The dental crown is for teeth that have lost their tooth structure or have already been replaced by bridges.

4. Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

The whole point of having root canal treatment is to get relief from the pain and discomfort. However, the comfort level can vary from one individual to another due to different levels of sensitivity.

5. Can You Eat After a Root Canal Treatment?

You can usually eat after a root canal treatment, but this varies with people’s sensitivity to pain. It is often advisable to eat soft foods that require less chewing to avoid pain and swelling until healing occurs.

6. How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost?

Root canal treatment costs can vary depending on your dental insurance, the complexity of your procedure, and the area where you live. Follow-up visits, including root canal therapy in Woodmere, usually cost less than the initial appointment. Most dental insurance plans often cover it for elders or mature adults. However, you can always make some price comparisons to ensure you get a good deal.

More than anything else, it is very important to take care of your teeth. Should you already be experiencing pain and sensitivity, it is best to find root canal therapy in Woodmere. We are one of the best Endodontics of Long Island and can help by removing the infected part of a tooth and replacing it with a filling or crown. Contact Long Island Endodontics today, and get a root canal pain relief dentist to solve all of your dental problems.

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