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With the use of modern anesthetics, root canal therapy usually involves little or no discomfort.

Often the pain is there before the treatment and endodontic therapy provides relief. Patients will be given Tylenol and/or Advil in the office at the end of the appointment. Antibiotics are prescribed at times as well. If there is any severe pain or pain that lasts several days, please give the office a call. We suggest waiting 2 hours to eat and eat on the opposite side of your mouth to avoid discomfort. Avoid chewing gum or sticky candy. Your comfort throughout all phases of treatment is a major consideration. If a problem arises, please contact the office right away. Call your general dentist for an appointment to do the restorative work on the treated tooth as soon as possible.

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    We are a dental practice specializing in root canal treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing quality, pain-free care in a comfortable and caring setting.

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