Infected Root Canal Treatmen5 Signs of Infection After Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure that involves the removal of soft tissues of the tooth called pulp. This pulp is comprised of connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that help your tooth grow and thrive.

While a root canal is considered a safe procedure, there is always a chance of contracting an infection after treatment. Patients can develop an infection after a root canal procedure, but if you are aware of the symptoms you may develop, you can ensure that the infection doesn’t spread and spiral out of control. Monitoring symptoms can be done with the help of a root canal pain relief dentist, so if you develop any of the following conditions, seek proactive treatment immediately.

1. Persistent Pimple on the Gums

Prior to a root canal treatment, many patients develop an abscess or pimple on the gums. This abscess will release fluid and pus within the gums, and it’s expected that this will get smaller and eventually disappear after treatment. If these mouth sores persist for more than a few days after treatment, you may have an infection brewing. Call your root canal specialist on Long Island to help you manage any signs of infection.

2. A Burning Sensation Around the Teeth and Gums

Any infection site will cause the skin around it to increase in temperature over time. If the area around your tooth feels hot, or if you experience burning sensations in the area, you may have an oral infection brewing.

3. Increased Feelings of Lethargy

Feeling tired after a procedure like a root canal is considered normal, but ongoing lethargy and tiredness are not. If you are suffering from an oral infection, blood vessels carry pathogens and bacteria to other areas of your body, causing you to feel run down and unwell.

4. Ongoing Pain

Pain and soreness after a root canal treatment is normal, but if the pain persists or worsens over time, know that this is a sure sign of infection. This infection can quickly spread to other parts of the mouth and body if not managed, so see your root canal pain relief dentist for a treatment protocol that will eliminate the infection.

5. Fever

Fever is a classic sign of an infection; it is a common body response when your immune system detects a problem. If your temperature is over 100.5 in combination with other symptoms, you likely have an oral infection.

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