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We get a lot of worried phone calls regarding even the prospect of a root canal. Which we understand…if we did not work within the industry, we would have the same questions or concerns. Fortunately, we work at Long Island Endodontics! It helps to be part of an office that specializes in quality, pain-free root canal treatment and promotes the commitment to providing the highest standard of service. What that means is questions are appreciated, because our treatments and technology are a conversation we enjoy having.

Will my Root Canal treatment be painful?

So, first of all, a root canal is the removal of infected material to help alleviate serious pain caused by either an infected or decayed tooth, cracked teeth, trauma to the face or jaw, or a failed previous dental procedure. 

Most people are apprehensive, as they are certain an endodontic treatment is going to cause them pain. Due to this modern age of exceptional technology and anesthetic procedures, getting a root canal results in approximately the same sensations as applying a tooth filling.

So, to answer the question directly: No. Root canal treatments are now very successful while pain-free and many teeth are fixed with a root canal treatment from Long Island Endodontics lasts a lifetime.

What signs do I need to be aware of?

  • If a tooth feels looser, it may be due to an infection
  • If you have sensitivity when you eat warm foods or sip hot drinks, or even when you eat ice cream or drink a cold beverage
  • If you feel serious pain in your teeth while chewing or otherwise applying pressure
  • A tooth discoloration may be due to an infection in the pulp of the tooth
  • A chipped or cracked tooth, likely due to an accident, can build up bacteria that leads to inflammation and infection
  • If a tooth feels looser, it could be due to an infection

In all such cases, a root canal treatment may be necessary.

How is a Root Canal performed?

As endodontists, we work with your personal dentists and take the following treatment steps:

  1. Prepping – We schedule an appointment as quickly as possible at a time that is convenient for you. We will need a series of X-rays of the infected tooth so we can have a clear picture and properly assess the extent of the damage, which is why we use the latest in digital X-ray technology for minimum radiation and a 3D rendering. Also, extra-gentle anesthesia is provided via The Wand for a pain-free experience. (Nitrous oxide is also available if needed)
  2. Pulp Removal – Once we prepare the area to ensure you don’t ingest any chemicals used for the procedure, the infected pulp is carefully removed.
  3. Cleaning & Filling – This part of the treatment can take a few hours and a number of visits. Basically, we have to clean and enlarge the root canal so it can be successfully filled. During the process, the patient is prescribed antibiotics to manage and prevent any infections and the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling.
  4. Sealing – Next, the temporary filling and medication are removed and the root canal filling is inserted. This prevents reinfection. A crown may be suggested, as teeth filled inside the roots are more likely to break than healthy, unrestored teeth.
  5. The Crown – The crown is a cap that covers a real tooth. It is often deemed necessary to use a crown after a root canal treatment to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

Is it really worth all of that?

Endodontic treatments are enormously successful in saving teeth that have been infected or damaged. Once the treatment is complete, the tooth is back to functioning without causing any pain, which most patients find to be completely worth any momentary inconvenience or anxiety over the process…as well as discovering that anxiety wasn’t warranted with our new state-of-the-art technology treatments.

For infected root canal treatments in Long Island, you need a team that is dedicated to providing quality, pain-free care in a comfortable and caring setting…which is why you need to call Long Island Endodontics (516-667-1471, or book an appointment online) for an experience that will be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

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