Endodontist5 Reasons To Pick an Endodontist vs. a General Dentist for Root Canals

The usual question that most people ask is who I should go to for my root canal, to which the most appropriate answer would be an endodontist. Even though both are graduates of dental school and most endodontists start their dental journey in general dental practice. Why?  

An endodontist is a dentist who has two years of specialized training in diagnosing tooth pain and performing procedures concerning the tooth’s interior. Their practice then becomes limited to all endodontist procedures where they serve a significant amount of root canals per week, making them the experts.  

Here are five reasons you must choose an endodontist over a general dentist.  

Unmatched Qualification 

There is no doubt that a general dentist can perform a root canal. However, one should always make it a point to visit an endodontist as they have more qualifications. They get an additional two years of extensive training and are specialists in what they do – root canals.  

They are made to study dental pulp diseases and treatment making them more well-versed and expert in what they do. Since they have more hands-on and text knowledge, they are a safe choice to opt for when going for a root canal since you don’t want to end up going again.  


The more the qualification, training, and experience, the more money they will charge you but at the benefit of guaranteeing you relief from pain and a one-time procedure (root canal). However, if you choose to go to a general dentist, even though you are paying less initially, you might just end up paying extra if something goes wrong or it’s not done the first time accurately.  

It will cause you pain and money and might ruin your case entirely. You can’t risk something as sensitive as a root canal to save a few dollars. To avoid this, a wise decision would be to go to an endodontist, to begin with. You might just risk your case getting bad with a general dentist.  


With specialized education and additional years of training comes more expertise in the root canal domain. An endodontist is known to complete as many as 25 root canals per week compared to a general dentist who does around 2 to 3 giving them an upper hand in understanding the various types of root canals and the major problems and how to solve them.  

An endodontist gets to the root of the cause. Instead of doing the primary teeth cleaning or other procedures, they get straight to the analysis and handling of the sore facial and oral situations one is experiencing.  

Latest Technology 

If you choose to go to a general dentist who does around two to three root canals per week, they will not have the latest technology incorporated into their clinics. However, an endodontist’s main job is to treat root canals for patients, and they are heavily advanced and have access to the best technology that makes the entire process easy and pain-free.  

Their office is bound to have the newest materials and equipment required to ensure your treatment and overall experience are comfortable. Their latest technology includes three-dimensional digital imagery along with operating microscopes that help study and handle the highly complicated root canal analysis inside your tooth.  

Managing Pain 

The mere mention of root canals is enough to cause patients to back off from the entire idea of getting their treatment done. Some people wait till the last minute because they are scared that it might hurt. However, an endodontist is an expert in root canals, and they have a way with the procedure.  

They are professional when it comes to anesthetizing practices, which are essential before starting the procedure, and they make it work on patients who are somewhat immune to being numb.  

Now that you know the difference between an endodontist and a general dentist and why you choose an endodontist over a general dentist, you can better decide what to do with your tooth situation. Whatever you decide to do, Long Island Endodontist has board-certified endodontists to provide you with the highest standard of service. Call Long Island Endodontist today at (516)-670-1507 or visit their website to help you choose the complete root canal procedure for you.  


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